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Contact Us today to receive support in planning your abroad experience

This program is designed for high schoolers. 

If you are interested in spending part of high school  abroad we are here to help!  StudyIT is a one stop solution to ensure all is done RIGHT...from planning to landing. 

We work in close contact with your Home school to maintain intact your educational goals and future objective while offering the opportunity to spent a trimester, semester, or entire year abroad. 

Gli studenti vanno di sopra

How it Work?

Planning requires time, the admission process begins usually a year in advance. 

Reach out as soon as possible to allow proper timing. 

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Initial Consultation 

1-on-1 meeting to set goals and objective



A certified Education Consultant will assess  your education and objective to determine admissibility and define a proposal 

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You will be present with 2 to 3 options of schools that  best fit your needs and educational  goals. 

Family, Consultant and Student identify the final destination 



The Admission Process begins, Documents are collected, translated (if needed) and submitted for admission  Admission can take up to 4-8 weeks. 


Legal requirements 

During this phase  we prepare the custodianship, visa application and all necessary paperwork to meet legal requirements. of the selected country. 


Pre/Post Departure Planning 

As legal document are being prepared, student and consultant work together to define pre and post departure details, such as living arrangements, health insurance, flight planning. etc.

Shallom G- 

A great agency, to be honest I am honestly satisfied with your services especially your professional approach and the quality you maintain. She has been following up every step of the way to make sure all goes in place and order. I express my gratitude to the agency for your valuable time and efforts.
I would recommend StudyIT-Educational Consultancy for those who want to study abroad.

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